Telemarketing Services

Since the beginning of our company, we have prioritized providing quality telemarketing services. Due to many successful projects we have handled so far, our team is well equipped with the knowledge to carry out effective telemarketing campaigns that truly bring positive results. We have mastered both the quality and efficiency in delivering telemarketing services, and that is a combination that you can hardly expect from our competitors.

Industries such as real estate, B2B businesses, finance, and insurance firms commonly integrate telemarketing to their marketing strategies with good results. Let us list down the special benefits that you can uniquely acquire from telemarketing if you need more reasons to sign up for our services.

Benefits you get through telemarketing:

  • A more personal and interactive way to reach your customer
  • Real time tracking of interest or disinterest of the customer
  • Better ability to explain your product/services in detail
  • The destination of your customer not being a problem for your sale
  • Easy tracking of return on investment

While people would like to argue that never marketing methods have made telemarketing obsolete, the statistics show that this method is here to stay. We have worked on telemarketing strategies for businesses in a variety of levels, including small to medium businesses and large corporate companies as well. Telemarketing campaigns have a large scope from initial contact to confirming leads, nurturing and finally getting them to convert and purchase your product or the service.

Our way of approaching the clients is different from traditional telemarketing. We are not generic in our calls. The conversations are managed in an extremely professional way while maintaining the interest of the potential customer. We have an advanced CRM system which will ensure the follow ups are done well. You can monitor and track the progress of the campaign as it happens.

Our Technology Platform

If you already have a platform to carry out the tasks, we can integrate ours to you, or we have an advanced cloud based platform which your business can truly take the advantage of with the following features.


  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to the queues and routing based on skill
  • Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR) will be used to real time interact with the callers through voice commands.
  • Cloud routing will help you route calls to more than one contact center or different locations assigned
  • Blended campaigns help your agents to accept any incoming calls even while the outbound calls happen.


Take a general look at the process that we use when implementing a new project

1. Overview

Tell us what you are looking for

2. Preference

iSPEAKsolutions will then arrange for a final interview with the agents shortlisted for your campaign

3. Sign up

Once agents are selected the contract is sent out for you to sign and invoices to be settled.

4. Product training

We setup your dialer, start your product training, and GO LIVE.


How much do we charge

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