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Six Signs that it’s time to start Outsourcing

Six Signs that it’s time to start Outsourcing

While outsourcing has so many benefits, it may not be a viable decision especially when you are getting started. When the tasks are manageable, outsourcing will only deplete the resources that could be invested in growing the business. However, as the business starts gaining momentum, you can start outsourcing to boost productivity, save time and money, and serve your customers better. Timing is very important. Below are 6 key indications that it is time to start outsourcing business processes.

Working long hours

The first sign that you need to outsource is if you have too much on your hands. While your business is your investment, it shouldn’t take up all your time. It`s okay to work overtime for one or two days when you have something urgent or holding an event. However, if this is your daily routine, you should consider delegating some tasks. Overworking not only robs you of your social life but it can also have a negative impact on your health.

Low productivity or failure to meet goals

Low productivity limits your profits and ability to grow. Outsourcing can boost your output and help in achieving your goals. Too many missed deadlines is also another indicator you need help from outside.

You want more staff but have no space

As your company grows, you can hire more staff to keep up with the increasing processes. However, when you don’t have the space and hardware to accommodate the staff, you can hire a remote company to handle it for you.

You don’t have up to date tools and technology

Advanced tools and technology are essential for efficient processes and output but they can be expensive. Most outsourcing partners use the most advanced methods and their services are fairly priced. Therefore, instead of taking a big loan to finance a purchase – consider outsourcing. However, you should do some research when hiring to ensure the company has invested in the best tools.

You lack expertise

Just like tools, expertise is essential for a good outcome. Therefore, consider evaluating what your skills and strengths can cover and then outsource the rest to someone who can do it well.

Customer complaints

Finally, too many customer complaints either due to delays, overlooked promises or poor service, is another sign you need to outsource some services.


Those are some of the signs that you can use to evaluate whether it is time to outsource. Be clear on your struggles, the exact processes you want to outsource and how it will benefit your company. Most importantly, look for an outsourcing partner who is an expert, professional and has great customer service.


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