Best Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation is one of the most important levels in the sales funnel. iSpeakSolutions have successfully provided lead generation services for a variety of businesses ranging from start-ups and small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies. We always strive to provide the best quality service in giving sales support and further expansions including both B2B and B2B telemarketing campaigns. Our services are affordable, reliable and target oriented. When you come to use  any lead generation service, there is a large set of benefits you will automatically receive.

Special Benefits

  • Verified and pre-screened leads through the phone
  • Direct warm transfers once qualified
  • Responsiveness
  • Recently generated
  • Time Saving
  • Better volume of sales
  • Studies about behavior and preference patterns of the prospects
  • Fewer sales costs
  • Better brand awareness in the market

Our Technology Platform

If you already have a platform to carry out the tasks, we can integrate ours to you, or we have an advanced cloud based platform which your business can truly take the advantage of with the following features.


  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to the queues and routing based on skill
  • Interactive Voice Recordings (IVR) will be used to real time interact with the callers through voice commands.
  • Cloud routing will help you route calls to more than one contact center or different locations assigned
  • Blended campaigns help your agents to accept any incoming calls even while the outbound calls happen.

Efficiency in Lead Generation Services

We always make sure that we give a fully customized service to all our clients. In all the lead generation campaigns we do, we study and uniquely tailor the leads to your business. We only need a one days’ notice to start a campaign. We maintain great communication throughout the service and will be doing it in just the timeframes which are convenient for you. We have a team of skilled professionals to cater to all your lead generation needs.

We will ensure that all the existing leads are followed up while recognizing new clients and also maintaining relationships with your existing clients as well.

Lead Nurturing Services

Once you secure strong leads, you need to nurture them in order to build and grow the relationship with your customers. We will work together with you to nurture and retain all your leads by planning, establishing and executing strategic lead nurturing campaigns.

  • Consistent communication and follow ups with old leads
  • Creating targeted new leads
  • Frequent updates of the lead database to clear dead leads
  • Proper management of lead database
  • Making appointments with any potential clients to develop on the leads

iSpeakSolutions will work on an extremely reliable and punctual way to create, implement and deliver all your lead generation and nurturing needs.


Take a general look at the process that we use when implementing a new project

1. Overview

Tell us what you are looking for

2. Preference

iSPEAKsolutions will then arrange for a final interview with the agents shortlisted for your campaign

3. Sign up

Once agents are selected the contract is sent out for you to sign and invoices to be settled.

4. Product training

We setup your dialer, start your product training, and GO LIVE.


How much do we charge

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