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Why it’s important not to miss any inquiry from your customer

Answering customer’s inquiry promptly is an integral part of customer service, but like the broader discipline itself, it is often ignored by most business owners. Missing inquiries from your customers can have severe complications for your business down the road and is often the most commonly cited reasons for missing new clients.

Missing customer inquiry is also associated with not taking customer service seriously, and most business organisations except the few wholly dedicated to their customers are guilty of this. Not answering an inquiry from your customer will make you unresponsive in their eyes and this can lead to lost revenues and profits along with a tarnished reputation.

This is especially true if your organisation has poor after sales customer service as the customer will come to believe that as you can no longer benefit from him, so the company decided not to answer his query. Although many businesses market themselves as customer-centric businesses, the reality is quite the opposite as often the well being of a customer is the last thing on a manager’s mind.

Many businesses reply to customer inquiries on an ad hoc basis and may occasionally miss an inquiry. From your end, it may seem to be a trivial error which is not such a big thing in the grand scheme of things.

A study conducted by leading marketing platform HubSpot confirms the importance of customer service and gives us more reasons not to miss any customer inquiry.

This study reveals the following truths:

  • 81% of consumers are more likely to buy again from a company with excellent customer service.
  • 70% of companies don’t respond to customer complaints on Twitter.
  • 88% of customers are less likely to buy again from companies who leave complaints on social media unanswered.
  • 82% of US customers say that they stopped buying from a company due to poor customer service.

These statistics will hopefully explain why it’s important to answer your customer inquiries promptly as it can affect everything ranging from your sales, profits, customer retention ratios, and reputation.

It’s also important to answer customer inquiries as soon as possible as in this age of instant communication; customers expect a response within minutes or hours. Most customers believe that their inquiry should be handled within the first 24 hours and the above-cited study shows that 71% of online chat customers expect a response to their inquiry within 5 minutes, while a full 41% of consumers expect an email response within 6 hours.

Above statistics show us that how costly it can be to miss an inquiry as it can quickly force the customer to choose your competitor over your business and this also has the potential to undermine your reputation in the eyes of future customers seriously.

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