Blockchain Support

Over the last year we have been developing our own in-house team for Blockchain and ICO support. Due to the lack of knowledge in the market, companies are having to sacrifice valuable in-house members of their team to perform basic tasks such as customer support. We are here to change that! We are now able to support your Blockchain projects by taking the stress away of dealing with the public. We can deal with anything from:

  •  Telephone support
  •  Email responses
  •  Live Chat
  •  Social Media + Telegram responses
  •  Manual KYC verification
  •  Pre ICO (initial coin offering) Whitelisting

Whilst Blockchain is most definitely the future of the world, it is important not to lose traditional support methods. iSpeakSolutions is working closely with the largest players in the space to help upgrade their customer support so that consumers can simply pick up the phone and deal with their issues within minutes.

iSpeak has over 7 years of experience in building simplified and affective work-flow support systems that can help increase your customer satisfaction, feedback and overall reputation. We already have an eager pool of support agents with existing knowledge of ICO’s, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Take a general look at the process that we use when implementing a new project

1. Overview

Tell us what you are looking for

2. Preference

iSPEAKsolutions will then arrange for a final interview with the agents shortlisted for your campaign

3. Sign up

Once agents are selected the contract is sent out for you to sign and invoices to be settled.

4. Product training

We setup your dialer, start your product training, and GO LIVE.


How much do we charge

Let us give you a no-obligation free quote today